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We at are genuinely interested in providing the best products and information we can to all our visitors and customers – having said that, some legal disclaimers must be made clear.

Product Disclaimer

Products offered by are handcrafted, one of a kind and not factory-made by robots.

Items may have subtle variations from one piece to the next due to the nature of the handcrafting process, so each piece is has its own unique character and “personality.”

Product Specs

Because of the our items are hand-crafted, we cannot guarantee the final weight of a product and any product weights given by are to be used as a rough idea only.

Weight and Strength

All “weight rating”, “breaking strength” or “safe working load” specs are taken directly from the manufacturer and are to be used for information purposes only. It is completely your responsibility to judge the suitability of products offered by


Outdoor activities in any form, including but not limited to camping and backpacking are inherently dangerous.

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The information provided in this or any other web site, and any information, tips, or advice given or implied by is solely for the purpose of making purchasing decisions and is not a substitute for proper instruction.

Disclaimer of Liability

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